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The class 900# (2,025 psi) and 1,500# (3,375 psi) drilling chokes are the most widely used and respected well-killing and high-pressure-control drilling chokes in the industry. For more than 35 years, these chokes have been especially effective when used during well kicks, well testing and well cleanup operations. They are designed and manufactured for H2S and abrasive-fluid applications and in accordance with API and NACE standards.

High-pressure drilling chokes. Built to handle class 900# to 1,500# (2,025 psi to 3,375 psi), our chokes are precision engineered for precise well control.

Unique choke-plate design. Heavy-duty, diamond-lapped tungsten-carbide plates are honed to a flatness measured by lightbands and feature unique half-moon-shaped orifices. Rotation of the actuator fork allows finite regulation of the size of the opening from full open to full close.
Positive closure. A 17° deadband overlap beyond the full-close position is designed to ensure closure even if the plates become worn following extended exposure to abrasive-laden fluid flow.
Pressure drops or surges don’t affect the quality of the seal in the plate-to-plate design. In fact, the seal improves under pressure.
Tungsten-carbide wear sleeves. Hardfacing on wear sleeves increases in-service life. Extended wear sleeves are available to absorb effects of abrasive downstream turbulence, especially during underbalanced drilling operations.
Versatile. Ideal for onshore and offshore applications. Controls can be operated from either remote or onsite consoles.

Built for the oilfield
Precision engineered
Handles class 900# to 1,500 #
Unique choke-plate design
Provides positive closure
Tungsten-carbide wear sleeves extend in-service life
Versatile for onshore and offshore applications
Delivers precise well control
Seal actually improves under pressure
Controls can be operated from
either remote or onsite consoles


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