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Products name:Choke Manifold Control Console
Product Description:

Choke Manifold Control Console Detailed parameter 


1. Usage
Choke manifold control console as a control assembly in hydraulic choke manifold, can remote control the open
/ close of hydraulic choke valve for a long distance and the control panel can indicate the stand-pipe pressure,
casing pressure and the opening / closing condition of hydraulic choke valve as well as the pulse number and
frequency of the mud pump if pump-pulse counter equipped, which can keep the pressure under well and is a
necessary device to control kick and blowout and perform the pressure control technology in pil / gaswell.
2. Illustration of type

3. Technology Parameter
(1) Gas-suorce Pressure: 100psi
(2) Ambient Temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
(3) Working Pressure: 500psi
(4) Quick Nipple in gas line: M16 x 1.5
(5) Quick Nipple in oil line: M22 x 1.5
(6) Hydraulic oil: anti-cryogenic hydraulic oil
(7) Length x Width x High: 960 x 600 x 1300
(8) Weight: 300Kg


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